Cool down this summer with Shibumi's perfect cocktail of fashion and style, notably from our new additions to the range, introducing the Bella Jacket and the Nina Blazer. Mix things up a bit in your wardrobe with original splashes of colour and tone.

We all need a stylish way to handle any chilly evening summer breezes. The Bella Jacket in eggshell cashmere offers a beautiful mix of pink grapefruit flowers and apricot hues with subtle hints of mint and sapphire to stir up any garden party.

Summer Breeze:
1/3 cup pineapple juice.
1/4 cup pink grapefruit juice.
2 ounces gin.
Soda water.
Fresh mint leaves and ice.

Our stylish Bella Blazer in Eggshell Cashmere

Add some fashionable cool to your wardrobe with the Nina Blazer. In a lightweight silk or cashmere, the cleverly tailored Nina allows easy movement with a split seam back and roomy sleeve, yet still achieves a crisp silhouette. Opt for bright pastels such as the pale pink and you'll be the perfect summer flower.

Our Nina Blazer in Moss Rose Cashmere

Having to attend an important conference, or host an event? Gain courage in this flame silk Bella jacket, a wonderful deep coral, with hints of blood-tomato red and shot with pink. It is a refreshing, smart addition to your summer work wardrobe, packing a punch to any presentation. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool as a cucumber in the day, but the stunning colour offers a saucy option teamed with a LBD by night.

Bloody Mary:
Tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce,
garlic powder, pickle juice and hot sauce - to taste.
1 ounce of vodka.
Cucumber and ice.

Bella Jacket in Flame Raw Silk

Nina Jacket in Oyster Gold Raw Silk

Living the highlife on a yacht this summer? Raise a glass to the versatility of the Nina gold blazer. The metallic argentum of silk will create a stunning reflection at any regatta this summer; team up with lime green or cobalt blue accessories to make the right waves! If you prefer a warmer palette, the stunning aqua green hues of our Dragonfly Green blazer, below, compliment any coastal sunset.

Dark n Stormy:
3 1/3 ounce gingerbeer.
Couple dashes of bitters.
2 ounces dark rum.
Lime and ice.

Nina Blazer in Dragonfly Green Cashmere


With the wedding season imminent, we, at Shibumi, want to ensure you are dressed in style, colour and simple elegance to be confident, natural and happy in your outfit. We believe, wearing a headdress – fascinator, hat or hairstyle - always denotes a special event, especially a wedding event. We want to help you top off that Shibumi outfit to perfection! Here is our guide to inspire you to be confident and elegant.

Are you going to an Easter wedding? With Easter falling quite late this year, having a wide-brimmed hat will likely keep your face cool by providing some shade, but it can also protect your hairstyle should any April showers fall! Taller ladies benefit from smooth wide brims to frame the face and flatter the eyes, particularly if you've long hair worn down over the shoulders beneath it, or long earrings for those with shorter hairstyle. A beautiful coat like the Avani would beautifully enhance such accessories.

Silk Avani Coat in Midnight Blue

Silk Anya Jacket in Porcelain

Silk Nehru Coat in Avalon

A big hat worn stylishly with the Nehru Coat in Flame - Pantone colour of the Season!

Big hats look better on bigger heads, so if you're not tall you risk no one seeing your face. To that end for daintier features, neat fascinators and accessories with up-styles work best. This style compliments cropped jackets like our Juna Jacket shown below in Moonstone Silk. For late-Spring and Summer petite ladies should opt for collarless jackets such as our Bella Jacket being launched this Spring or perhaps the more striking fabric and style combination of Anya Jacket in Magnificent Teal: this would look fabulous with a cerise flower adorning a low side bun, or worn higher in shorter hair. Alternatively, if you'd like to instil a little nostalgia, then a cloche hat in a neutral colour would look superb with the Nehru Coat in Porcini, evoking the 1920s.

Note: If you're shopping online, you'll need to know your hat size: place the tape around your head, about an inch above your ear, circling it round your head, neither tight nor loosely. If you seem to be between sizes, buy the larger size... if needed, you can always stick 1/2 inch draught excluder inside the headband!

Silk Juna Jacket in Moonstone

Silk Anya Jacket in Magnificent Teal

Our New Silk Bella Jacket in Wonderland - being launched this Summer!

Ladies Nehru Coat in Porcini

A Word to the Gentleman

Men's hats generally have more versatility, so buying in plain, neutral fabrics will help it be suitable all year round. The classically cut morning suit with a top hat may still be required for some events, such as racing, but most sporting occasions and weddings are likely to provide a more creative platform these days. Trilby styles work best with short-collared coats, such as Over Coat or perhaps the lighter fabric Ivory for springtime

Silk Overcoat in Royal Jaquard

Mens Overcoat in Ivory Silk

Looking ahead to the summer, a boater hat adds some jaunty joy to the dashing cut of the short-styled Mens Blazer also being launched this Summer: adding a handkerchief in the front tailored pocket would pack a punch coordinated with a headband round the boater. A fedora is classic, yet rakish too, and with its upturned back brim it sits very well with a wider upturned collar for the Autumn, such as the warmer Grace Coat in Electric Moss.

Mens Silk Midnight Blue Blazer

Grace Coat in Electric Moss

Dress to impress, and others will take their hats off to you! Enjoy the wedding day!


Spring is on her way and she’s inspiring us to take a fresh look at ourselves too. Take the time to spring clean your wardrobe now, removing the tired items and storing the winter woollies, making way for a Shibumi jacket, silk or cashmere that will be your staple for the forthcoming season! A brilliantly flexible look can be achieved with a shorter style …

For men, look distinguished in a classic single breasted silk waistcoat which will sit comfortably beneath your winter coat, but hold its own through to the early summer too. For this time of year, we really like the deep, crocus purple of this cashmere waistcoat.

Mens classic waistcoat in Deep Purple cashmere

Versatile coats in pastel pinks, muted greens and metallic tones are brilliant for ladies who are busy all day but then keen to end their day with a drink in the sunshine as the days get longer and warmer. Enhance your smart jeans and simple T with a Frida Jacket in Smokey Blue: this shimmering fabric would look marvellous on a blonde or brunette as the raw silk provides a spectrum of colour and with no pattern it can move smoothly between daywear and evening with the addition of a few sparkling accessories and a patterned cashmere scarf.

Frida Jacket in Smokey Blue silk. Beautiful!

With the Cheltenham Festival in mid-March but no specific dress code provided, it can feel like a tricky event to plan for. However, a Shibumi jacket in a cashmere and silk blend, that has the option to be buttoned, allows for any weather conditions and a mid-length coat gives you flexibility for your feet too, whether the going is hard, good or soft! Ladies can launch themselves confidently in to the fray in Shibumi’s bestseller the Nehru Coat. Add a fabulous spring to your step in the silk-embroidered Nehru Narnia. Gents will do well in the starting blocks in a Shibumi Overcoat. The Mineral provides a dapper outfit alongside the more traditionally dressed or compete with your competitors racing colours in Mercury or the Ivory to make you feel like a winner! #InspiredByNature

Our best seller Nehru Coat for ladies in Narnia Silk

Our stunning Mens overcoat in Mineral silk

Now that we’re truly up and running in to 2017, it’s time to turn your mind to the wedding stationary currently perched on your mantelpiece. The initial excitement of receiving the invitation is starting to chill in the recent cold winds, as you wonder what you have hanging upstairs that will be right for a spring wedding. Shibumi can help you regain that bubbling enthusiasm with a full length, stunning coat that will provide a super splash of spring colour to compliment any wedding style, without overpowering the bride. Gentleman will be stylish for the spring in a Dali Coat: longer than the Overcoat – and with an open neckline that allows for a cravat or perhaps a warm scarf should there be a nip in the air – it is a smart, fresh, single breasted coat with a top pocket on the left for a coordinated handkerchief to provide a bespoke colour splash on the couple’s special day. There’s also a secret pocket to hideaway slips of paper and a mint! Available in a wide selection of fabrics, consider Crimson Red or Graphite to evoke springtime even on a cloudy day. Similarly, ladies will benefit from a similar fabric choice, but perhaps with a bit more colour punch. Our Aquila Coat offers gorgeous designs of subtle soft flowers on strong colours, such as Pink Shalimar or African cobalt.

Our awesome Dali Coat for men. Shown here in Crimson Red.

Our Aquila coat in Pink Shalimar Silk ( note model has long arms! Sleeves are 24 in )

All our bespoke designs are lovingly created to wear again and again – that’s out ethos – from special occasions to up-styling those jeans! We also encourage you to visit our Gloucestershire showroom to browse the range of colours, fabrics – silks and cashmere – embroidered or plain – and have some fun! To discover where we are located or to make an appointment please click here: #GlosShowroom

For our full bespoke, tailored designs, browse our collection at

Shibumi is: colour, simple elegance, simple beauty, creative, tailored-design, being-yourself, expression.

We look forward to seeing you here in our cosy Shibumi showroom.


The Colour of Living #LovethatJacket

In our new series of blogs entitled The Colour of Living, we discover, uncover and inform on design, fabric and colour - all #beautifullybespoke designs for #colourful #elegant living – whatever the occasion!
February is #LovethatJacket month – which style would suit you?
Jackets or short coats are the ideal fashion item for spring weather - it’s getting warmer but you still need that extra layer – yet which jacket to pick? Collared, short, gilet-cut, long-cut, curved-neckline, collared-neckline, pockets, opened, buttoned-up….. Ruth Guise, Senior Designer at Shibumi explains her 3-point guide to helping you make the right choice:

Love Colour, Love Fabric, Love Jackets!


The Anya design is a gilet-styled jacket made from a lovely blend of raw silk and linen. Basing the design of the jacket on a gilet-style - a streamlined cut - may put people off, but it really needn’t. It’s a design to be worn open (although there is a small hook if need be) and is the perfect and most versatile jacket to accompany dresses, skirts and trousers. With its slight curved collar it is the collection’s most flattering design – it’s a very slimming cut and draws the eye upwards on apple- and pear-shaped women. Wear it with jeans, smart office wear or dress it up for a wedding or party outfit – whether you prefer darker shades or lighter colours, the Anya range has a delectable palate of bright intense colour designs or a range of elegant pastels – something to suit everyone here.

The soft curves of the gilet style Anya jacket. Everyone loves the Anya!


The Juna jacket is a Chanel-style box cut that gives a flattering silhouette finish. If you have perhaps a narrow face structure and small chest, this style will suit you in particular, with the higher closing neckline drawing the eye out to your shoulders. However, with its elegant design, it can be worn with absolutely everything – office wear, day wear, dresses or skirts, white jeans, skinny jeans, dark jeans, boot-cut …the list is endless. A blend of cashmere and silk, shown here in cardinal pink, but with 36 designs in the range, including oyster gold, wild orchid, kingfisher blue, moonstone, silver, crimson red, imperial blue, plain or embroidered, there is certain to be one for you.

Our stunning cardinal pink cashmere Juna jacket perfect with jeans, dresses, skirts.


This elegant jacket is a pure classic design and with its classic mandarin-style collar, takes its influences from traditional Indian colours, fabrics and nature. The delight with this jacket is its understated simplicity – there are no pockets or belts – just a simple, longer cut. It’s an ideal cut to to draw the eye away from a heavier chest or apple or pear shape as the cut lies just below the bottom line. It’s one of our most popular styles and with vents on the side it flows as you move and is a great jacket with evening trousers. This embroidered blue silk example is perfect to wear to weddings, parties and all celebrations.

These gorgeous colours are perfect for a special Valentine gift

For our full bespoke, tailored designs, browse our collection at

Shibumi is: colour, simple elegance, simple beauty, creative, tailored-design,being-yourself, expression.


Does A Passion For Fashion Run In The Guise Family?

It appears that young Coco Guise is following in her mother’s stylish footsteps. Coco, who recently turned 9, has developed a love for making jewellery out of a variety of different coloured beads, as well as drawing beautiful designs of dresses in her spare time.

Coco has always taken a keen interest in her mother’s business, but her entrepreneurial spirit is now generating her a small income from selling the pretty earrings and bracelets she makes.

When she gets home from school she goes round knocking on doors selling to people in the village of Horsley where she lives with her mum, as well as to Ruth’s friends.

‘I’m so proud of her,’ says Ruth. ‘One day Coco simply decided to start making jewellery all by herself and even before this from the age of 4 she started drawing beautiful patterns and designs.’

‘It turns out she’s really very good at it, and she doesn’t mess about when it comes to selling her work either - a bit like her mum’ laughs Ruth. ‘I gave her a jewellery box for her birthday which she absolutely adores, and it’s now filled with divine beads of all shapes, sizes and colours. I can’t wait to see what she makes next!’

It turns out there’s more to the story of the Guise family’s creative talent. Imagine Coco’s excitement when she went to stay with her grandparents recently and stumbled on some fashion drawings her Granny did years ago whilst studying at the Paris Academy of Fashion in London.

Carole Guise studied there for a year, but has never shown her stylish drawings to anyone until now, not even to her daughter Ruth or her husband Jamie!

The drawings are of a bygone era, but it’s all starting to make sense now where Ruth gets her design talent.

‘My mother [Ruth’s grandmother], whom Ruth was named after, used to study at the Paris Academy too,’ reminisces Carole Guise. ‘She was a brilliant woman, as well as a highly talented couture dressmaker.’

‘I used to model for my mother, who designed and made haute couture clothing in the style of Victor Stiebel’, a South-African born British couturier who died in the ‘70s.

‘I was always very well dressed,’ says Carole. ‘She also made me the most fabulous wedding dress!’

Ruth can’t believe her mum never showed her these drawings. ‘I had tears in my eyes when Coco came home with them. I think they are totally amazing – she could have been a designer for Vogue!’

Carole is very modest about her hidden talent though, quickly dismissing that the drawings are any good, as can often (sadly) be the case with brilliant people who can’t always see how gifted they are.

‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about,’ says Carole. ‘But I hope that now they’ve been found that they will be an inspiration for Coco to do something in the world of fashion and design if she wants to. I think she has a real eye for it like Ruth does and I’d love to see her doing well one day in this field.’

It seems that Coco is one step ahead Carole!

‘We’ve had talks about starting a new fashion line, or a new branch of Shibumi,’ says Ruth. ‘Shibumi for Kids! Coco’s really keen to get involved in the business but she’s only 9 and you know how kids are - this could be a flash in the pan idea, as a couple of years ago she wanted to be a vet, a trapeze artist and a spy!’ laughs Ruth. ‘Now she’s 9 she wants to be an actress and a designer, so we’ll see. All in good time!’

Good luck Coco – we’re watching this space!

APRIL 2016

The Wedding Season is upon us!

Whilst it has been unseasonably cold of late, spring is now most definitely in the air. It is that time of year when we look in horror at the mantelpiece and realise that the wedding invitations we received last year are suddenly around the corner. Then the dreaded question springs to mind: what am I going to wear?

Sarah Vine’s Wedding Outfit Conundrum

This was the uncomfortable conundrum Sarah Vine was presented with recently when she received an invite to Jerry Hall’s wedding to Rupert Murdoch, particularly bearing in mind the ever-changing nature of the weather in March.

As a spokeswoman for middle-aged mums, Sarah found the options available to her very limited in her quest to look stylish, whilst no longer being a size 10. This led her to panic-buy a lot of different outfits, but eventually she had to make a choice. You can read all about it here in the Daily Mail .

So which designer did Sarah decide to go with in the end?

What Sarah Vine wore to Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch's Wedding


Why choose Shibumi?
Why did Sarah choose Shibumi? After buying jackets and outfits from Bruce Oldfield, John Lewis, New Look, Jane Taylor, Eileen Fisher, Zara and H&M, Sarah kept coming back to the silk Shibumi Stage Coat in Antique Gold – even after being vetoed by a friend from wearing it because it was too ‘panto’. (Ok so the coat is in an elaborate gold, but does that make it panto?!) Sarah chose Shibumi in the end because it made her feel “happy and comfortable”, and doesn’t she look gorgeous in her coat?

Shibumi’s Ethos
Shibumi’s ethos is about creating real clothes for ‘real women’. Shibumi’s owner, Ruth Guise, has years of experience dressing frustrated mothers of the bride and wedding guests who can’t find anything stylish and flattering to wear that cater for the more mature woman’s figure. One of Ruth’s passions is to make everyone feel beautiful, and whilst offering standard sizes from 6 to 26 she also offers a bespoke service, which means she achieves this again and again.

Tears of Joy
Ruth reports that women are frequently reduced to tears of joy when they receive their coat or jacket wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and try it on for the first time – to find that it fits perfectly and makes them feel a million dollars – all at a very reasonable price.

Shibumi has a range of classic styles that suit all shapes and sizes, but the beauty of purchasing a silk or cashmere coat or jacket for a wedding from Shibumi is that you can wear it again and again by dressing it up or dressing it down with a pair of jeans, for example. This is also very important to Ruth; she wants her jackets to be worn frequently, rather than stuck at the back of the cupboard and only brought out on special occasions.

Upcoming Weddings
If you’ve got a wedding coming up this year that you are a guest at, please take a look at our Weddings page. You are bound to find something there that will make you feel special, like the beautiful Nehru Coat in Avalon (below). If you would like something bespoke please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ruth directly on 020 8133 8037 or send an email to

Ladies Silk Nehru Coat in Avalon


Beautiful New Raw Silks from Shibumi

We are delighted to introduce you to a couple of new raw silks from Shibumi, a rich smokey Smokey Blue and stylish Silver. These two tone silks look stunning when being used for jackets, coats and waistcoats. Pictured below is our popular Frida Jacket in our Smokey Blue shade. How gorgeous is this! This photograph was taken during a windy autumn day, as you can see but it works so well, the blowing hair, adding to the deep tones of this fabric.

This stunning raw silk in Smokey Blue looks great on all ages and can be worn for smart occasions, with jeans, for more casual events and to the office with a lovely pair of pumps. The amazing cut to this jacket really does add to the glamour of this fabric and will make you feel radiant and gorgeous whatever the weather, windy or not!


Here we have another gorgeous piece made in one of Shibumi’s new raw silks, the Delphine Coat in Silver. Yes please! This elegant fabric is soft yet glamorous and can be worn at any age. The muted tones of this fabric is suited to all skin type and hair colour. Our stunning Delphine is the perfect coat to wear for weddings, formal occasions and can be worn with any other colour palette as so much goes with this shade of Silver raw silk. If you like this coat as much as we do then feel free to see what other amazing fabrics it comes in!


Feel free to order a sample of these fabrics, no photo quite captures how truly exquisite these raw silks actually are but this does a pretty good job :) Here at Shibumi its all about beauty in simplicity.

Raw Silk - Silver

Raw Silk - Smokey Blue


I’ve just got back from a trip to Rajasthan, India, where once again I have found myself feeling inspired by India and its diversity. The colours, sights and smells of a different land where building inter-cultural relationships has left me feeling so rejuvenated and excited about the future for Shibumi.

While I was there I was working on new styles and fabrics to be launched 2015, but I won’t spoil the surprise yet by telling you about the fabulous new silk and cashmere designs that will be available soon.

During my stay, I was invited to attend the 8th Jodhpur RIFF Music Festival held at the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. The festival is acknowledged as being one of the best music festivals in the world by CNN Travel. and international music magazine, Songlines. Jodhpur RIFF is a superb experience for music lovers attracting thousands to its excellent, spell-binding artists from Rajasthan and abroad.

In the silver moonlight, a faint smell of the desert sands, twinkling stars on a vast blue-black canvas and the gentle autumn breeze blowing over the blue city, I watched an eclectic array of artists performing from all over India and abroad. I found myself particularly drawn to the Rajasthani Sufi singers and will try to make the World Sufi Spirit Festival. in 2015. Yippee.

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